What is Swiss Cheese?

Bumthang Swiss Cheese is located найти работу в челябинске at Bathpalathang along the highway leading towards the airport. HELVATAS a swiss international organization has taken a keen interest, especially in Bumthang. It has sown the art of Cheesemaking and Bumthanps has taken into considerations the details and craftsmanship in producing High-quality Swiss Cheese at par with Switzerland itself.

Afterall, there is some truth about Bumthang resembling Switzerland. You could feel it when you finally taste the cheese, let it melt in your mouth for a moment and inhale pure mountain air after gulping a freshly brewed weiss beer made of organic local wheat. Fresh cheese may be smooth and stringy or rubbery, while an aged hard cheese could be crumbly, grainy, or chalky.

When the cheese is aged or ripened, this starter culture – responsible for the cheese’s unique sweet, nutty flavor produces carbon dioxide gas, forming holes or “eyes” characteristic Swiss Cheese. In general, the larger the eyes in swiss cheese, the more pronounced its flavor because a longer fermentation period gives азартные слоты бесплатно без регистрации the bacteria more time to act.

bumthang swiss cheese

Cheese making

Our story

How Cheese is Made

Who would have thought that cheese was made up of so much artisanry, knowledge, commitment and love?

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