Bumthang is located in central Bhutan and provide as a link town towards eastern states. Its was the capital of Bhutan during the times of late His Majesty Jigme Wangchuk, the second king of Bhutan (1926-1952). Countless scared monestries and histrocial sites has made Bumthang one of the holiest place. Royal blood line can be traced back to Terton(treasure Hunter) Pema Lingpa(1450-1521), who discovered buddhist text and many scared items from Burning lake called Merba Tsho. The lake is just half and hour drive from the town.

“Age is of no importance unless you are a cheese” and the valley of Bumthang personifies the cheesy taste and flavour of its culture and serenity .The wide open valleys makes the landscape of Bumthang amongst the spectacular states in Bhutan. Its been said that, bumthang resemble Switzerland and have many common ground, although it may be overrated in political and economic issues. Untouched Bumthang valley is personification of Swiss Cheese

The Bhutanese economy has to be centered around “Gross National Happiness” and Bumthang is not an exception. The virgin forest cover almost whole of Bumthang and traditional houses are dotted along the highway. Linear settlement has cramped the shops selling local and foreign goods in Chamkhar town. The new town planning has been initated by the Dzongkhag Administration at Dekeling few years back, however, the town is still at its initial location.

The calm chamkhar river flows through the valley separating Bapalathang on the left. ‘Baep Lak Thang” (Tibetan disappered ground) was the initial name where Bumthang Cheese Factory is located. It was the battle ground where bhutanese have chased away Tibetan rivals. The sleepy and serene town is often awaken by the loud noise of the Roll Royce aircraft engine taking off and landing in the domestic airport, few kilometers away.