Bumthang Swiss Cheese shop is the sale counter for the varities of cheese like Gouda cheese, Emmental Cheese and soft cheese/Mutschli cheese. The shop is open from 7 am – 7pm through out the year and it is one of the must visit tourist hotspot in Bumthang.

The authenticty of the shop is further enhanced with local products like ‘Chugo’ a hardned cheese that takes times to melt in ones mouth, substituting beetle nuts and chewing gums. Varities of herbal tea, wine and beers are stacked for the tourist to enjoy their stay in bumthang, while enjoying the bitterness sweet taste of orgainc swiss cheese served in the happiness entranched kingdom.

In the mystic kingdom of Bhutan, where nature and divine bestow happiness on the values, complication are resolved to the elementry, saddness are marred by smile, mystery are left to the mysterious beings and in between Bhutanese may lead the setting of coexistence of nature and supernatural. Good cheese come to those who waits, Bumthang cheese family waits for you.

Bumthang Swiss Cheese - Outlet in Bumthang

Some Bhutan made products (souvenir) available in the cheese outlet.